Become a Solio Pro

Solio is proud to work with professionals who earn their living working off-grid, or doing work protecting the outdoors. Our pros are climbing, fishing, river and backcountry ski guides, Ski patrollers and Avalanche professionals, Wilderness Educators, Search and Rescue, Wildland Firefighters, USLA Lifeguards, Photographers and field workers in Government agencies. We also seek NGO professionals working in remote places off grid. Membership in our program is not guaranteed and as a prospective member you will be asked to provide varying documentation to the application and approval process to validate your qualification.

As a participant in this program, you will be entering into an agreement between Solio and yourself, the Buyer. Under this agreement the Buyer shall not sell Solio product for a profit. At no time should Solio products purchased through the Solio Pro Program be sold or diverted for resale in any outlet – including but not limited to the internet, swap meets, flea markets, etc. Your account is authorized for your use only and is not transferrable to any other individual or entity.