Charge your SatCom with a Solio Solar Charger

The Solio BOLT , CLASSIC2 and X+HUB kit. are all good choices for SatCom devices that are powered by USB. Check out all of the Solio charging solutions.

Solio Solar Chargers for Sat Phones

Solio solar chargers deliver power via their USB port. Not all satellite phones are USB-rechargeable however some of the best have this charging feature. The Iridium 9575 and Inmarsat IsatPhone models are two examples. The Thuraya SatSleeve and Thuraya XT satellite phones are two others.

A satellite communicator is not a phone but it does enable you to send and receive text messages, send SOS for help, and track GPS coordinates. The USB- rechargeable Delorme inReach Explorer is one example. The SPOT Gen3, while not rechargeable, accepts direct Line Power from the Solio 5V USB connection.

Solio Chargers Are More Than “Stand-Alone” Portable Solar Panels.

Solio chargers are designed with a Solarsmart battery on-board that is programmed to deliver a uniform power supply. Satellite electronics are not designed for “brown outs” or variable voltage power supply which is the condition created by connecting directly to a solar panel. Brown outs occur in partially cloudy conditions or when someone steps in front of and shadows a solar panel. Likewise satcoms are not designed for high-heat conditions and will charge slowly or not at all when left in the hot sun. Think about how hot a black Iridium satellite phone would become when left in direct sunlight! With Solio you need not worry about protecting your sat phone from the elements. You’ll simply charge the Solio in direct sunlight and then the stored energy will be available day or night, rain or shine.

Learn to charge your sat phone off-grid before heading out!

The backcountry is not the place to learn how to use your equipment! Keep these simple tips in mind and you’ll be off to a powerful start. There is often a small battery on the LCD screen of the satellite device that shows the charge level. It is not desirable to let the battery in a satellite phone get completely depleted. If you do this, sometimes it is hard to restart the phone until it has been charging for several hours. We recommend you top-off your SatCom as often as possible. Test your solar charging kit completely before leaving for a remote location. Make sure you have the cables you need to charge your satellite phone or other electronics. It is never enough to just have the right equipment you also need to know how to use it and a little practice makes perfect.